District Level
Children's Festival

2nd District Level Inter-School Cultural Competitions - 2014

Venue: JNTU, Kakinada Date: 1st and 2nd March, 2014

Event Details

Time Competition Max No. per school Duration Rules
Jr Sr
1st March 2014, Saturday
8:00 Playlets 1 - - 10 Min Pre-recorded dialogues are not allowed.
8:00 Dance: Solo 3 - - 5 Min Choose either Classical or Folk Dances. Bring your own audio CD.
8:00 Dance: Group (3 to 8) 3 - - 5 Min Choose either Classical or Folk Dances. Bring your own audio CD.
9:00 Singing: Solo, Group (4 to 8) - 3 - 5 Min Choose one from light music / folk / patriotic songs.
9:00 Singing: Solo, Group (4 to 8) - 3 - 5 Min Choose one from light music / folk / patriotic songs.
9:00 Fancy Dress - 2 - 2 Min No dialogues.
9:00 Poem Recitation - 5 Poems 2 2 2 3 Min Sub-Jr: Vemana, Sumati; Jr & Sr: Bhaskara, Dasaradhi and Srikalahastheeswara.
9:00 Project Work - Group (2) 2 2 2 3 Min Display and demonstrate.
9:00 Science Experiments- Group (2) 2 2 2 3 Min Bring your apparatus.
9:00 Story Telling - 2 - 5 Min Any story of your choice.
10:00 Debate* - Group (3) - - 2 30 Min First round - written, final round - oral.
10:00 Quiz - Group (3) - 2 2 30 Min First round - written, further rounds - oral.
11:00 Drawing 5 5 5 60 Min Drawing sheets will be provided. Topic announced on-the-spot.
11:30 Mono Play - 2 2 5 Min Pre-recorded dialogues not allowed.
12:30 Clay Modelling 3 3 3 90 Min Clay for modelling will be provided.
12:30 Instrumental Music 2 2 2 5 Min Choose either Raga or Thala. Movie songs not allowed.
2nd March 2014, Sunday
8:00 Playlets - 1 1 10 Min Pre-recorded dialogues are not allowed.
8:00 Dance: Solo - 3 3 7 Min Choose either Classical or Folk Dances. Bring your own audio CD.
8:00 Dance: Group (3 to 8) - 3 3 7 Min Choose either Classical or Folk Dances. Bring your own audio CD.
9:00 Singing: Solo - 2 2 5 Min Choose one from light music / folk / patriotic songs.
9:00 Singing: Group (4 to 8 ) - 2 2 5 Min Choose one from light music / folk / patriotic songs.
9:00 Numismatics & Philately - 2 2 3 Min Indian and Foreign Coins, Currency Notes and Postal stamps.
9:00 Elocution (Telugu/English) - 2 2 3 Min Topic shall be announced one hour in prior.
9:00 Speech in Telugu - 2 - 2 Min Participants shall talk in telugu only. Topic shall be given on-the-spot.
9:00 Poetry Writing (Telugu) - - 5 30 Min Padhya/Vachana; Topic will be given on-the-spot.
10:00 Spell Bee** - 3 3 30 Min First round written and final round oral.
10:45 Essay Writing (Telugu/English) - 3 3 60 Min Topic shall be announced one hour in prior.
12:00 Story Writing (Telugu) - 3 3 60 Min Topic shall be given on-the-spot.
1:15 Story Analysis (Telugu) - - 5 60 Min Participants shall write their Analysis on the given Telugu Story.
2:30 Map Pointing - 3 3 30 Min India map will be provided.


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Winners List

Competition Category Sub Category Place Reg No. Name
Playlets Sub Juniors   1st Place G-5, 6 Sri Chaitanya School, Kakinada
      2nd Place G-3, 3 MPP School, Kothalanka
      3rd Place G-16, 13 Pragathi school, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 G-12 Satya Pavanakumari, MPP School, Gollaprolu
      Consolation-2 G-4 T Venkatasai, Dolton School, Bommuru, Rajahmundry
Playlets Juniors   1st Place G4 (6) Raghurama Public School, Vilasavilli
      2nd Place G5 (8) Sri Rama UP School, Savarapalem
      3rd Place G9 (7) MGMC High School, Gandhi Nagar, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 G16 (5) ZPPHS, Thimmapuram, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 G4 Gitabhavani (Parvathi)
Playlets Seniors   1st Place G26 (8) SBARDTVM School, Mallam
      2nd Place G4 (6) ZPPHS, Vemulavada
      3rd Place G5 (5) ZPPHS, Thondangi
      Consolation-1 G1 (8) SKSPVRN Govt.High School, Yanam
      Consolation-2 G26 R. Usha (Burra katha)
Dance - Solo Sub Juniors Kuchipudi 1st Place 62 Sri Bhavagnatha
      2nd Place 63 Pushpa Siri Chandana
      3rd Place 10 P Neelima
      Consolation-1 29 BNS Veda
      Consolation-2 13 K Sri Sahithya
Dance - Solo Sub Juniors Bharatanatyam 1st Place 9 A.Saranya
      2nd Place 7 Adithi
      3rd Place 6 Anshu Malika
      Consolation-1 26 A. Prajnasri
      Consolation-2 27 A.Yasaswi
Dance - Solo Sub Juniors Folk 1st Place 42 Akshara
      2nd Place 39 Menaka
      3rd Place 44 C.V. Anil Kumar
      Consolation-1 65 Pravallika
      Consolation-2 18 Jahnavi
Dance - Solo Juniors Kuchipudi 1st Place 30 Thanmayi
      2nd Place 26 S.Dharsana
      3rd Place 78 E.Lochana
      Consolation-1 14 Gayatri Satwika
      Consolation-2 19 K.Anusha
Dance - Solo Juniors Bharatanatyam 1st Place 10 SVNL Satvika
      2nd Place 18 Sri Sarvani
      3rd Place 11 D.Vishvitha
      Consolation-1 57 D.Jyothi
      Consolation-2 68 Dharani
Dance - Solo Juniors Folk 1st Place 31 Mounika
      2nd Place 80 I.Harshitha
      3rd Place 39 K.Sowmika
      Consolation-1 41 P.Likitha
      Consolation-2 74 A.Chandrakala
Dance - Solo Seniors Kuchipudi 1st Place 46 B.Jahnavi
      2nd Place 9 S. Satya Sai Swathi
      3rd Place 5 Ch. Sai Amulya
      Consolation-1 2 S.V.S.S.L. Prathyusha
      Consolation-2 67 Ch.Manikyamba
Dance - Solo Seniors Bharatanatyam 1st Place 13 B. Abhijna
      2nd Place 52 SSRN Lavanya
      3rd Place 12 P Ramya Padmini
      Consolation-1 42 M Mounica
      Consolation-2 44 S.lavanya
Dance - Solo Seniors Folk 1st Place 66 Papayamma
      2nd Place 69 Manjush Helen
      3rd Place 37 Pranaya Rao
      Consolation-1 25 Stabdya Pyari
      Consolation-2 71 Siva Prasad
Dance - Group Juniors   1st Place G-5 (4) Nruthyanjali, Kakinada
      2nd Place G-2 (5) VVS Modern Gurukula, Kothapalli
      3rd Place G-59 (5) Sri Nataraja Kalamandiram, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 G-1 (6) Nruthyanjali, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 G-20 (4) Municipal High School, Gandipuram 2, Rajahmundry
Dance - Group Seniors   1st Place G3 (7) Bashyam School, Kakinada
      2nd Place G24 (6) Gayatri Nruthyaniketan, Rajahmundry
      3rd Place G19 (5) Sir.CV Raman School, Amalapuram
      Consolation-1 G7 (8) St.Anns Aided Govt.High School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 G6 (3) VVSM Gurukul, U.Kothapalli
Singing - Solo Sub Juniors   1st Place 8 M.Radha Pallavi, 3rd Class, Balabhavan, KaKinada
      2nd Place 4 Jogi Bhanu Tejasri, 5th Class, Gayatri Public School, Ambajipeta
      3rd Place 14 V.G.S. Samhitha, 5th Class, Dr. KKR Gowtham School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 16 GDSN Srilakshmi, 4th Class, Little Woods, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 79 H Chinni Suryam, 5th Class, Durga prasad School, Kakinada
Singing - Solo Juniors   1st Place 83 S. Lakshmi Sai Vyshnavi, 6th, Sri Chaitanya Techno School
      2nd Place 44 M.L. Prathyusha, 7th, Balbhavan
      3rd Place 11 Sashi Chandan, 6th, Aditya Talent School
      Consolation-1 30 M.Sai Charan, 6th, Aditya Talent School
      Consolation-2 49 Ch.Bhargavi, 7th, St.Anns Govt High School
Singing - Solo Seniors   1st Place 29 KJS Akshobya, 8th, Sriprakash, Tuni
      2nd Place 73 A.Rekha Aditya Switha, 8th, Pragati School, Kakinada
      3rd Place 123 Ch.Veeraveni, 8th, ZPPHS, Sarpavaram
      Consolation-1 131 P.Bhavani, MHS, 8th, Gandhipuram-2, Rajahmundry
      Consolation-2 19 Krishna Devi, Govt.Girls High School, 9th, Peddapuram
Singing - Group Sub Juniors   1st Place 15 (4) Blue Convent, Kakinada
      2nd Place 27 (7) Sri Prakash Vidhyaniketan, Tuni
      3rd Place 5 (8) SR School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 34 (6) Sri Chaithanya School Campus-1
      Consolation-2 49 (3) Adarsha Vidhyalaya Pithapuram
Singing - Group Juniors   1st Place G-28 (4) Govt. Girls High School, Peddapuram
      2nd Place G-36 (5) ZPPHS, Dharmavaram
      3rd Place G-61 (2) SDVRRA High School, Kolanka
      Consolation-1 G-5 (8) Aditya Talent School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 G-33 (6) Aditya Talent School, Kakinada
Singing - Group Seniors   1st Place G-53 (5) Balabhavan, Kakinada
      2nd Place G-13 (8) Sri Prakash Vidhyaniketan, Tuni
      3rd Place G-27 (4) ZPP High School, Annavaram
      Consolation-1 G-71 (3) ZPP High School, Bendapudi
      Consolation-2 G-6 (7) ZPP High School, Turangi
Fancy Dress Sub Juniors   1st Place 110 V Saketh Ratnakar, 3rd Class, St.Anthony's, EM School
      2nd Place 87 Korapati Mounika, 5th Class, MPPS,(HP) Nadakuduru
      3rd Place 3 K.Sri Sahithya, 5th Class, SR School, Thimmapuram
      Consolation-1 64 B.Mohan Surya, 5th Class, Sriram School, Pamarru
      Consolation-2 4 K.Leela Bhavani, 3rd Class, SRSchool, Thimmapuram
Poem Recitation Sub Juniors   1st Place 41 GDSN Srilakshmi,  Little woods school,  Kakinada
      2nd Place 238 Yalla Veeranjaneyulu,  MPP School (main),  Kajuluru
      3rd Place 132 S. Saikrishna,  MPPUP School,  Virawada
      Consolation-1 118 K. Sravya, UKG,  Ashram Public School
      Consolation-2 127 T. Sai Vaishnavi,  Sama Concept School
Poem Recitation Juniors   1st Place 87 Anala Chandrakala, 7th class,  SDVRR High School, Kolanka
      2nd Place 88 Konda Deevena, 7th class,  SDVRR High School, Kolanka
      3rd Place 59 Sri Vaishnavi, 6th Class,  Sri Chaitanya Techno School,  Kakinada
      Consolation-1 76 T Durga,  7th Class,  ZP High School,  Prattipadu
      Consolation-2 66 D Chakramma,  7th Class,  ZP Highschool,  Raparthi
Poem Recitation Seniors   1st Place 124 Donam Chandu,  Durga Prasad School,  Kakinada
      2nd Place 28 K Anusha,  ZPPH School, Kattamuru
      3rd Place 93 D Pavani,  ZPPH School, Mallam
      Consolation-1 23 K Nandakumar, Aditya Talent School,  Kakinada
      Consolation-2 38 Adapa Lovaraju, APM School, Sankhavaram
Project Work Sub Juniors   1st Place 1 M Madhuri & P Sivani, 5th, Pragathi High School, Kakinada
      2nd Place 4 P Bhanu Pavithra & J Nandu, 5th, MPPPS, Samarlakota
      3rd Place 35 N Lakshman & A.Santhosh, 5th, MPPS (Main), Kajuluru
      Consolation-1 43 P. Satyaveni & Sekhar, 5th, MPUPS, FH Peta, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 36 B Sai & Varma, 5th & 6th,  MPPPS, Kakinada
Project Work Juniors   1st Place 14 Ch. Sai Krishna & Ch. Yelliah, SRZPPHS, Anaparthi
      2nd Place 6 G.Niranjan Kumar, V.Ganilakshmi, ZPPHS, Veeravaram
      3rd Place 1 Y.Mounica & M Uma Mallika, AKPMHS, Pithapuram
      Consolation-1 13 A.Sandeep Swamy & Y.Suresh Kumar, Swamy School (EM), Kakinada
      Consolation-2 30 P.Rupadevi & V.Divya, 7th Class, PR Govt.Girls High School, Kakinada
      Consolation-3 36 K.Satyanarayana & S.Veerababu, Konaseema Vidhyashram, Ainavilli
Project Work Seniors   1st Place 21 T Saisurya & G.Abhinav, Sri Prakash School, Tuni
      2nd Place 8 P.Sirisha & A Deepthi Anusha, Apex Kids School, Kakinada
      3rd Place 28 A Saisagar & G.Jyothirmayi, Srivan Convent High School, Malikipuram
      Consolation-1 14 B.Srinivasulu & V.Prashanth Kumar, ZPPHS, Turangi, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 65 A.Sharishma & N.Teja, St.Anns Girls High School, Kakinada.
Science Experiments Sub Juniors   1st Place 4 CH Mahalakshmi, MPP School, Venkatayapalem.Tallarevu
      2nd Place 11 G Varalakshmi, 9989344653, MPPS, Velangi, Karapa Mandal
      3rd Place 26 UL Harshita, 0884-2365199, K Sowmyasri, KKR Gowtham School
      Consolation-1 29 B Navtej, 0884-2365199, M Lasyavardhan, KKR Gowtham School, Kakinada.
      Consolation-2 31 M Manasa, 9705567595, G Veerababu, Dolton Gandhi School, Bommuru
Science Experiments Juniors   1st Place 3 D Jayaprakash & L.Meghanath, 9059069901, Sriprakash, Tuni
      2nd Place 48 B Sai Kumar & K Prasad, 9492833350, ZPHS, D Polavaram, TUNI
      3rd Place 44 K Kameswararao & P Krishna Prasad, 9502806756, ZPHS, D.Polavaram, TUNI 
      Consolation-1 11 K Lalitha & V Devi Aiswarya, 9848350583, Swamy EM School, APSP
      Consolation-2 10 M Anirudh & D Kalyanteja, 9989496293, VVS U Kothapalli
Science Experiments Seniors   1st Place 30 B Venkata Neeraj & K Bhavani Shankar, 8th, Sri Chaitanya,  Kakinada.
      2nd Place 2  A Ramesh & Sivaraju, 9th Class, Govt High School, Kirlampudi
      3rd Place 39 N Harsha Danuj & R Sampath, 9th Class, Loyala EM School
      Consolation-1 3 D Praneeth Narayana & KSM Abiram, 8th Class, Sri parakash Vidhya Niketan, TUNI
      Consolation-2 52 K Chandra Sekhar, Tallarevu, 8th Class, SNV ZPP High School
Story telling Sub Juniors   1st Place 48 T Ashutosh, 5th Class, Sri Prakash, TUNI
      2nd Place 79 V Aiswarya, 2nd Class, Vidyanjali School, Kakinada.
      3rd Place 3 P Saarika, 5th Class, Dr.ZHEGMP School, Yanam
      Consolation-1 1 V P Nakshatra, 1st Class, Ashram Public School, Kakinada.
      Consolation-2 19 Mallipudi Parivarth, 1st Class, Little Woods School, Kakinada.
Debate Seniors   1st Place G-64 D.Sivani, Chaithanya Techno School, Kakinada
      2nd Place G-51 K.Satyaseela, Gandhi Muncipal School, Kakinada
      3rd Place G-24 T.Rakesh Raju, Aroma Blooming Birds School
      Consolation-1 G-66 K.Satwik, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Kakinada 2
      Consolation-2 G-101 K.Deepthi Chandini, GBR, Anaparthy
Quiz Juniors   1st Place G-21 Aditya Talent School
      2nd Place G-71 Little Scholars schools
      3rd Place G-1 Durga Prasad School
      Consolation-1 G-64 Mahatma Gandhi Municipal School
Quiz Seniors   1st Place G-45 SRK Municipal High School
      2nd Place G-13 Mamatha E-Techno , Pithapuram
      3rd Place G-12 Aditya Talent School
      Consolation-1 G-9 Durga Prasad School
Drawing Sub Juniors   1st Place - GDSN Srilakshmi, 4th Class, Littlewoods
      2nd Place - N.Venkata Lochan, 5th Class, Ashram
      3rd Place - V.P. Nakshathra, 1st Class, Ashram
      Consolation-1 - NVS Vaishnavi, Ashram
      Consolation-2 - P.Sriram, Vth Class, Sri Prakash Vidhya Niketan, Tuni
Drawing Juniors   1st Place - Surya Pavan, 7th, Aditya Talent School
      2nd Place - P Surendhra Kumar, 7th, Mahatma Gandhi MHS, Gandhinagar
      3rd Place - KVSS Mastan Naidu, 7th, Akshara School
      Consolation-1 - KSS Uday Kumar, 6th, Aditya IIT Talent School
      Consolation-2 - M.Saicharan, 7th, Aditya Talent
Drawing Seniors   1st Place - Ch.Tejaswini, 9th class, Akshara , Kakinada
      2nd Place - Ch.Sai Amulya, 9th Class, Sir CVRaman Public School
      3rd Place - M.Syam Jayasri, 10th, MGMC Highschool, Gandhinagar
      Consolation-1 - R.Uday Kiran, 8th B, PRGBoys High School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 - KDV Prasanth, 9th B, ZPPHS, Nadakuduru
Monoplay Juniors   1st Place 6 B Likhitha, 7th Class, VVS Modern Gurukul
      2nd Place 34 PVL Yasaswi,7th Class, St.Joseph's Convent School
      3rd Place 15 K.Sai Revathi, 7th Class,  SBARDTVM  ZPH School
      Consolation-1 24 D Ramya, 7th Class, SNV ZPP High School
      Consolation-2 4 K Pavan Shanmukhveer, 6th Class, Swami EM High School
Monoplay Seniors   1st Place 25 M Keerthi, 8th class, ZP High School
      2nd Place 29 B Raja Rama Lingeswararao, 9th class,SSZPP High School
      3rd Place 10 M Lokesh, 9th class, Srichaitanya E-techno School
      Consolation-1 2 K Monika, 9th Class, Oxford School
      Consolation-2 33 P Naga Vandana,  9th Class, Durga Prasad School
Clay Modelling Sub Juniors   1st Place - B.Rambabu, MPPS, Pagadalapeta (
      2nd Place - K.Durga Surya Prasanna, AMGRHS, Rajavolu
      3rd Place - A.Suguna Dutta, MPPS, Virawada
      Consolation-1 - Ch.Lokesh, MPPS, Komarada
      Consolation-2 - D.Madhu, Mpeta School, Dharmavaram
Clay Modelling Juniors   1st Place - D.Swami Srinivas, PRG Boys High School, Kakinada (Bullock Cart)
      2nd Place - P.Swetha, Murthy High School, Kakinada (Taj Mahal)
      3rd Place - GN Ganesh, AKPM High School, Pithapuram (Bird Nest)
      Consolation-1 - Y.Manikanta, ZPPHS, Panduru (Pinch Flower)
      Consolation-2 - SLD Prasanna, ZPHS, Nadakuduru (Boat)
Clay Modelling Seniors   1st Place - S.Srinu, Govt High School, Eleswaram, (crocodile)
      2nd Place - K.Hari Venkat, ZPHS, Vemulawada (Alluri Sita Rama Raju)
      3rd Place - B.Raja Ramalingeswara Rao, SSZPPHS, Chelluru (woman with flowers)
      Consolation-1 - Harshitha, Municipal Girls High School, (Mother & Child)
      Consolation-2 - T.Rama Chandra Sekhar, Sri Sarada English Medium School, (Budha)
Instrumental Music Sub Juniors Ragam 1st Place 8 R Devi Sri Priya, 4th Class, Blue Convent
      2nd Place 4 A Siva Manikanta, MPPP School, Thimmapuram
      3rd Place 9 KV Rahul Varma, Bashyam Little Champs
      Consolation-1 16 M Amulya Sri, Balbhavan School, Kakinada.
      Consolation-2 17 P Lakshmi Sujatha, Narayana E-Techno School
Instrumental Music Juniors Ragam 1st Place 19 M Amrutha  Sri, Balbhavan Kakinada.
      2nd Place 2 K Likitha kumar, ZPP High School, Raparthi
      3rd Place 11 M L Prathyusha,Balbhavan
      Consolation-1 18 D.Seetapathi Srinivas Rohit, Littlewoods, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 21 VGS Samhitha, Dr.KKR Gowtham School
Instrumental Music Seniors Ragam 1st Place 13 A Rekha Aditya Swetha, Pragati High School
      2nd Place 20 A Muralidhar,  Balbhavan
      3rd Place 14 T Kavya Keerthi, Balbhavan
      Consolation-1 16 V Nikhitha, Dr.KKR Gowtham School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 12 K Jagan Mohini Keshav, ZPPHS, Thantikonda
Instrumental Music Sub Juniors Talam 1st Place 14 T Teja, Balbhavan
      2nd Place 11 Sk.Rehman, LMKMCP School
      3rd Place 6 M Sharli Premson, MPPPS, Velangi Spl.
      Consolation-1 12 K Durgaprasad, LMKMCP School
      Consolation-2 3 Ch.Ganesh, Sairam School, Pamaru
Instrumental Music Juniors Talam 1st Place 16 T Manikanta, Balbhavan, Kakinada
      2nd Place 6 Sk.Sameera Basha, Swarna Madhuri Sangeetha Vidhyalayam, Kakinada
      3rd Place 13 A.Madhav, ZPPHS, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 15 A Anurag Varshith, Balbhavan, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 17 Joseph Walter John.K, Sama School, Kakinada
Instrumental Music Seniors Talam 1st Place 8 R Pavan, Balbhavan, Kakinada
      2nd Place 7 V.Balaji, Balbhavan, Kakinada
      3rd Place 15 Prasanna, Balbhavan, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 9 V.Pranaya Rao, Akshara School
Numismatics & Philately Juniors Currency Notes 1st Place 29 Y.V.V. Srinivas & P.V.Karthik, Srichaitanya, Kakinada
      2nd Place 8 M.Sai Sanjay, KKR Gowtham, Kakinada
      3rd Place 4 J.Revanth, SSRK Municipal High School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 20 P Priyanka, Gayathri Public School, Ambajipeta
      Consolation-2 16 A.Bindu Sirisha, Dr.BJZPPGHS, Alamuru
Numismatics & Philately Juniors Coins 1st Place 6 P. Satvika, Dr.KKR Gowtham
      2nd Place 26 S.Veerababu, K.Keerthi, Konaseema Vidhyalayam
      3rd Place 14 K.Versa, Aditya IIT School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 8 M Sai Sanjay, Dr.KKR Gowtham
      Consolation-2 18 G.Sai, ZPHS, 3APSP, Kakinada
Numismatics & Philately Juniors Stamps 1st Place 14 K. Versa, Aditya IIT, Kakinada
      2nd Place 9,10 DS Varsita, Dsaranya, APEX School
      3rd Place 19 P Sanjana, K.Vasavi, Swami EMS, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 1,2 Y.Rajesh, N.Raghu Ram Sai, ZPPHS, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 18 G.Sai, APSPZPHS, Kakinada
Numismatics & Philately Seniors Currency Notes 1st Place 18 DRT Siri, Akshara School, Kakinada
      2nd Place 1 G.Manikanta, Auroma's Blooming Birds
      3rd Place 6 J.Sai Satish, Srivani Convent School
      Consolation-1 31 T.Sai Kishore, Gowtham High School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 9 R Aiswarya Krishna, ZPPHS, Turangi
Numismatics & Philately Seniors Coins 1st Place 18 DRT Siri, Akshara School, Kakinada
      2nd Place 12 DVR Nishanth, Akshara School
      3rd Place 5 P Dharma Teja, MCBH School
      Consolation-1 30 K.Saketh Sharma, Akshara, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 48 Ch Sai Tarun, Little Soldiers
Numismatics & Philately Seniors Stamps 1st Place 13, 14 A.Charishma & P Sridevi Pravallika, St.Anns School
      2nd Place 44 Suhana Afreen, Pragati HS, Kakinada
      3rd Place 7 M.Hitesh Narayan, Margadarshi Public School
      Consolation-1 16 R.GunaSri, ZPPHS, Kattamuru
      Consolation-2 16 K.Jyothi, ZPPHS, Kattamuru
Elocution Juniors   1st Place 29 R.Sri Surya Teja, 7th, Sri Chaitanya Techno School
      2nd Place 12 K.Visruth chandra Reddy, 6th, Sri Prakash Synergy School
      3rd Place 2 M.Gnana Prathiba, 7th, Trinity High School
      Consolation-1 31 B.Veera Babu, 6th, SVNZPP School
      Consolation-2 9 Ch.Parvathi, 7th, Sri Prakash Synergy School
Eolocution Seniors   1st Place 19 K.Priyanka, 9th, Margadarsi Public School, Tallarevu
      2nd Place 21 Ch. Naidu, 8th, RCM Aided High School, Rajahmundry
      3rd Place 12 KranthiKumari, 9th, Dr.BJZPPGHigh School, Alamuru
      Consolation-1 14 PVVB Sitarama Pandu, 9th, Little Rose HS(EM), Draksharama
      Consolation-2 15 MSV Amrutha Varshini, 8th, Madhuri Vidhyalaya, Gollaprolu
Speech in Telugu Juniors   1st Place 19 N.Padma Sri, 7th, Oxford school, Asoknagar, Kakinada
      2nd Place 11 Nakka Pushpa, 7th, Sri Praveena School
      3rd Place 77 MSV Amrutha Varshini, 8th, Madhuri Vidhyalaya, Gollaprolu
      Consolation-1 60 G.Krishna Koushik, 7th, GBR EM School
      Consolation-2 64 DSR Mahitha, 7th, Sri Chaitanya Techno School
Poetry Writing Seniors   1st Place 32 K.Ramya, 9th, GBR EM School
      2nd Place 33 D.Lalitha, 9th, GBR EM School
      3rd Place 7 K.Ram Kumar, 9th, APR School, Bhupatipalem
      Consolation-1 31 B.Karthikeya, 9th, MCBH School
      Consolation-2 23 A. Jayakrishna, 9th, ZPPS
Spell Bee Juniors   1st Place 87 A.Meghana, Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram
      2nd Place 64 GM Nissirose, Dr.KKR Gowtham EM School, Kakinada
      3rd Place 146 U.Divyanjali, Subhaniketan, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 101 M.Pruthvi, APSP EM HS, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 140 K.Lakshminarayana, Sri Chaithanya Techno School, Sarpavaram
Spell Bee Seniors   1st Place 116 M.Syam Jayasri, 10th, MGMC High School, kakinada
      2nd Place 532 GSK Ujwala, 10th, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Kakinada
      3rd Place 527 P.Mani Sai Jyothi, 9th, Akshara School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 217 K.Ramteja, 9th, ZPPHS, Machara
      Consolation-2 146 K.Sriram Datta, 9th, Madhuri Vidhyala, Gollaprolu
Essary Writing Juniors   1st Place 56 E.Satyanarayana, 7th, Bhupathipalem
      2nd Place 114 G.Sunitha, 7th, ZPPHS, Rameswaram
      3rd Place 40 Ch.Kalyani, 7th, Durgaprasad School, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 55 E.Rambabu, 7th, DVPRAUP School, Mallavaram
      Consolation-2 102 Sk.Gousia Sajida,7th, Chaitanya Nagar, Chaitanya Techno School
Essary Writing Seniors   1st Place 144 P.Yiliya, 7th, Sri Siddartha Vidhya Niketan, Kakinada
      2nd Place 296 Adapa Jayakrishna, ZPPHS, Kattamuru
      3rd Place 186 KSS Ramadevi, 3rd APSP, EM, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 27 ANS Sri Nithya, 9th, Durgaprasad School, Kakinada
      Consolation-2 43 A.Rajesh, 9th, Sriram Public School, Turangi, Kakinada
Story Writing Juniors   1st Place 82 Sk.Sameer Basha, 6th, Parivartana
      2nd Place 96 T.Kusuma Sai Sundara Rani, 7th, ZPHS, Machara
      3rd Place 3 G.Mythili, 7th, Pragati School
      Consolation-1 20 D.Aditya, 7th, Chollangi
      Consolation-2 83 N.Ravindra Reddy, 7th, Parivartana
Story Writing Seniors   1st Place 27 Y.Sai Sidhvi, 9th, New Century School, LB Nagar, Kakinada
      2nd Place 38 M.Lakshmi, 8th, Sai Supriya, Sri Vivekananda School
      3rd Place 168 B.Aishwarya, 8th, Nallam Residential Concept School, Yanam
      Consolation-1 94 K.Divakar Venkata Satish, 10th, ZPPHS, Sundarapalli
      Consolation-2 197 P.Yeliya, 8th, Sri Siddartha Vidhya Niketan, Vakalapudi, Kakinada.
Story Analysis Seniors   1st Place 27 B.Gowri Bhavani
      2nd Place 56 S.Veeralakshmi, ZPPHS, Machara
      3rd Place 99 B.Durgababu, ZPPHS, D.Polakaru
      Consolation-1 140 K.Satwik, Sri Chaithanya
      Consolation-2 93 Palepu Ramya, St.Anns Govt. High School
Map Juniors   1st Place - VML Sahitya, 7th, VVS Modern Gurukul School,U.Kothapalli
      2nd Place - M.Venkata Raju, 6th, Sri Lakshmi Balaji Vidhya Niketan
      3rd Place - D Kranthi Rudhra, 7th, 3rd APSP (EM) HighSchool, Kakinada
      Consolation-1 - N.Tarun, 7th, Durga Prasad School
      Consolation-2 - T.Tejaswi, 6th, Pragati Vidhyaniketan
Map Seniors   1st Place - J. Dinesh, 9th, Dr.SRK Municipal Corporation High School, 
      2nd Place - SSK Satyanarayana Reddy, 9th, GBREMS, Anaparthi
      3rd Place - K.Trinadh, 10th, Govt. Kirlampudi
      Consolation-1 - M.Swetha, 10th, Little Scholars EM School, 
      Consolation-2 - K.Ajay, 10th, Mohan High School